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Purpose, Presence, Power and Prayer
Christ's Commission to Covenant
A Rejoicing Servant
Faith Training
Ask in Faith
Eternal Perspective
The Enemy Within
Anger In Context
Believer or Disciple?
Religion Test
Thankful Hearts Worship
God Shows no Partiality
God's Gifts
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
God's Favor
Faith Evaluation
Heart Evaluation
Faith Tested
Faith Displayed
Tongue Control
The Inconsistent Tongue
A Disordered Life
A Peaceful Life
I Want
Affair With the World
Christ Leads Triumphantly
Hope in Death
Willing to Serve
Storing Treasures
Enduring Hope
Stop Swearing and Live the Truth
Pray and Praise
Power in the Name of the Lord
Why Pray?
The Lord Provides
The Lord Provides and Perplexes
Faithful Servant
You are the Man
Unified Worship
Why Pray If?
Where Is Your Faith
Christianity is Christ
Who Are You Listening To?
Counting the Cost
Content or Covet?
How is Your Walk?
An Intolerant Living God
Committed to the Journey
What do you See?
Prone to Wander